Participating in ISUOG World Congress in Ultrasound

2020-06-17 08:30:42

Every year Shristy alumni’s are participating in different International ultrasound conferences which help us to update our knowledge with latest innovations, technologies and also connect us with international communities, researchers and companies. Here from left to right, Dr. Akhter, CEO of Shristy is with Dr. Prashant Acharya from India, Board member of ISUOG, Prof. CM Bilardo from Netherland, President of ISUOG and Prof.  Aris Papageorghiou from Glasgow, UK, Secretary of ISUOG (2018-19). Latest, we have participated with 48 delegates to 28th World congress of ISUOG in Singapore on 2018 and with 14 delegates to 29th ISUOG Congress in Berlin, Germany in 2019. This year we are participating in 30th Virtual World Congress from Glasgow, UK in 16-18 October 2020.