Center for
Advanced Fetal-Maternal &
Vascular Sonography/General Ultrasound

Our Services

We are doing high quality ultrasound examination and reporting by highly qualified and experienced sonologists for-
High-risk pregnancies including
3D/4D pregnancy ultrasound
Fetal anomaly & genetic screening
Fetal Doppler surveillance for preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction
We also do-
Vascular Doppler sonography- carotid, extremities, renal artery
Breast ultrasound
Thyroid, Neck ultrasound
Scrotum & other small parts
Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound
Musculoskeletal ultrasound for all joints, muscles and ligaments
Congenital dislocation of hip joints
All general ultrasound
We also arrange following tests for confirmation of genetic disorders –
Non-Invasive Pregnancy Test – Cell-free DNA
Amniotic fluid sampling


Professor Dr. Nasreen Sultana
Dr. Tansena Akhter
Dr. Mohammad Akhter Hossain
Dr. Juairia Ferdausi
Dr. Sylvia Parvez
Dr. Rokshana Akhter
Dr. Tahrima Hedayet
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